Pesca nel sud della Norvegia

What we offer

Our favorite fishing area is Lister, an enchanting place in southern Norway, full of marine life and stunning scenery. To find out more about where we are, go to the bottom of the Contact Us page.

What we offer is whatever support you need for your fishing experience in Norway, from permits, to equipment rental, to accompaniment!

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Take on your fishing adventures with us, we will accompany you in the wonderful Norwegian nature. Rivers, lakes, fjords and the great North Sea are the masters with their abundance of fish. You will be able to fish for salmon, sea trout, cod, mackerel, monkfish, spider crab and much more.

Fishing, like many other activities, requires the right equipment and documentation. For this reason, we have decided to help our local fishermen with a boat rental service, fishing equipment rental and arrangement of fishing permits.

Our philosophy

Pesca nella Norvegia meridionale. Cittadina norvegese.

In Norway, fishing is more than just a hobby. Fish is the basis of the diet of the peoples who have lived in these lands for hundreds of years. Here fishing is more than a tradition, it is in the DNA of the people. It is precisely for this reason that in Norway, using fish resources is a birthright. Here, fishing means taking full part in the community, immersing yourself in a truly wild nature, exploiting natural resources in a sustainable way and having fun while respecting nature. These are the emotions we want you to feel!

Here are some videos of our catches!


5. Febbraio, 2021.
Bellissima esperienza Bellissima esperienza nella natura norvegese, guide molto simpatiche e alla mano! Super consigliato 🔝